High Server Response Time

Hello, we’re facing the same problem with suitecrm since last month
In the first login the server response time is about 10 seconds (too high!), do you actually know what may be causing this problem? Or a way to discover what is causing this high response time?
Thank you!

Hi Martaz,

The logs should give you a clue, if not the answer.

It might be worth temporarily increasing the log level to INFO and triggering the slow login. Just remember to set it back to FATAL once you are finished as INFO generates quite a large log volume.

If one gets a high 'server response time ’ at page footer : it means it is slow due to something happening on your server: (ie not due to slow network or too large Mbs of company logo or other file - it is nice to be able to rule those out!)

If your MySQL has logging enabled for ‘slow_queries’ - that log would confirm if it is one very very slow query? But alternatively: certain database slowess issues can also be causing all of the many queries that run to each be slow: ie no single one query triggers the slow_query log, but overall the database is the root cause to many scores/hundreds queries each slower than normal.

OR - does your system connect to a seperate system when logging in (eg an LDAP database -or a company wide Microsoft ADS directory - or some other SSO (single sign on) system: if they are slow then there may not be much showing in SuiteCRM logs.

And the main question - what has changed on your system in the last month - just before you noticed the slowness?

OR (a bad thought) Is your system up to date…or old and unpatched and vulnerable to a security problem…it may have been hacked?

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Regarding the suggestion by @DJuser to check slow queries, in my experience these are frequently the cause of servers that progressively decline into awful response times, due to database clutter and insufficient maintenance.

The quickest way to check is to run the first query in this post:

If you see overgrown tables, that’s likely the cause for the slow queries.