Hierarchy implementation of the4 layers in suiteCRM using security groups

Hi All,

Kindly help to implement the below level of the Hierarchy in CRM,I have achieve the 3 layers of security groups successfully.
Below is an example of the working Hierarchy.

But when I added the one more layer in the hierarchy that time its not working we need the below hierarchy level in CRM.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Bhavin,

I received this question from Amit as well, but wanted to reply here both for you and anyone else who needs to implement a similar structure.

The key is to create groups/teams at the lowest level needed functionally. If users in Andheri should not be able to see records in Bandra then that would be your lowest group to create.

Example groups based on your screenshot in the most widespread configuration possible (I would recommend simplifying whenever functionally there isn’t a reason to keep users from seeing records from another close by team. e.g Mumbai could be the lowest group instead of having a group for Andheri and Bandra):

  • North America - California
  • India - Maharahtra - Pune
  • India - Maharahtra - Mumbai - Andheri
  • India - Maharahtra - Mumbai - Bandra
  • India - Gujarat - Ahmedabad
  • Australia - Victoria

6 groups in total. A global group is never needed (for World in your case). If a user should see all then you would assign that user All rights. If a user should see all in India then you add that user to all groups in India and directly assign the user a role with Group rights. By default always assign a role to each group. This role should be the most restrictive rights. For example, owner rights with perhaps some Group rights depending on your specific client’s needs.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks Jason, it works

Thanks, @eggsurplus its works.

Hi @eggsurplus I have followed the given steps above but when I create new leads for Maharahtra user, the record is visible to the Mumbai user. How to solve this issue? there is a method to assign the record to particular groups by using Mass Assign but the requirement want to be auto-populated.

Please sir need your help to solve this issue I been tried 1 week ago but still not working as expected

hi @eggsurplus Thank you for helping post, Could you please more elaborate it.