Hiding Subpanels

I know this may seem like a common question but I’ll venture to say my question is a little different. We had a group put together our database which we pretty much just use as a backend to provide data to our single page web app. Almost all data entry is done through the front end minus user and security provisioning. For some reason, the group we worked with decided to hide the subpanels on our users module. This was probably done to make sure we properly managed users and their roles from the proper screens and not just on an individual user basis. Anyway, long story short, they hid the subpanels on users and we now access those subpanels more regularly and need them back. The problem is they didn’t just hide them through the settings. They set them to display = none in a style somehow (see screenshot). So when we need to see them, we inspect the dom and change the css style so that they now show up. I’d really like to remove this but I can’t find where this is actually getting set. Is there somewhere specific you would do this that I could look into? I understand this probably isn’t the correct way to do this but this is my current state and I’m just trying to get it cleaned up. Thanks in advance.

You can check in the following paths:

custom/modules/Users/metadata/detailviewdefs.php [here they might have added either CSS file or JS file]

OR in the themes as they might have added a CSS rule here.


Thanks. So this has allowed me to do some further digging. There wasn’t anything in those locations. Then I realized, and you can actually see this in my original attached image, that the style is being applied inline. So it isn’t a result of a css file but it must be a script setting the attribute. I was then able to have the code break on the attribute change and I found the javascript that is running. It is in this file:


in a function called ‘function Jb(a,b)’. Now looking at this function leads me to believe this is not some custom javascript added and this must be looking for a setting somewhere. So with this info, any ideas what setting it might be looking at?

Ok, so the saga continues. I’ve been able to trace this further and I found a javascript file that executes a piece of code specifically on the users module detail view to hide my subpanels. It is located in the following file:


However, when I edit this file and save, my changes don’t seem to be reflected. Does this file get deployed by some process that I’m not following?

Check the several JS rebuilds in Admin / Repairs

Alright, for anyone looking for this in the future, after changing this style.js file in the theme, it took a Quick Repair/Rebuild for changes in that file to take effect.

I found a snippet in there hiding my subpanels. When I commented it out, it worked as intended. This was in a larger block of code that specifically ran on the users module and I’m not sure what all else that does so I left the bulk of the block in place and just addressed the problem it was causing for me.

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