Hiding filters behind a click

I don’t understand the UX logic behind having the filters behind a click. In our use the only reason we visit a module is to search/filter and having to click to access is not efficient. I might be missing something, is there a way to have filters display by default?

Since the filters are a dynamicly generated area, and configurable, they went into a separate window.

I understand your argument, though, I also like to save every click I can :slight_smile:

Have you tried setting up saved filters that you can select directly from a dropdown? For some use cases they are excellent. But they are not for every use case…

We have some searches where this would work, but most are date dependent so change over time. any plans for changing this?

Plans, no.

But I believe I saw some discussion about this when the filters changed…

You can search for that either here on the Forums, or on GitHub, or on Trello, and join your voice there.

Or you can develop it yourself, or pay a developer to do it, and contribute the code on GitHub :slight_smile: that’s the beauty of open-source and community work.