Hide/Unhide Field and Label based on dropdownlist selection

I would appreciate some help with an issue.
This is the case: I want to hide/show input text field and corresponding label when a user chooses a certain values in drop down list.
Module is: Opportunities.
Mode: Edit
Drop down list is: sales_stage
Input Text Field 1: hideunhide_c
Text Field 1 lable: LBL_HIDEUNHIDE
When sales_stage selected value is: “Closed Won” text field and label should be shown otherwise it should be hidden.

I have managed to show/hide text field but for some reason I can not hide label.

This is what I did so far:

\custom\modules\Opportunities\views\view.edit.php file:

<?php require_once('include/MVC/View/views/view.edit.php'); class OpportunitiesViewEdit extends ViewEdit{ function OpportunitiesViewEdit(){ parent::ViewEdit(); } function display(){ echo ''; parent::display(); } } ?>

And custom/include/javascript/showhide.js file:

$(function () {
$("#sales_stage").change(function () {

		var selectedValue = $(this).val();
        if (selectedValue == "Closed Won"){

For some reason toggling show/hide on a label is not working.
For the input field it works just fine.
I tried with closest “tr” and “td” but with no luck > $("#hideunhide_c").closest(“tr”).hide();

Where am I wrong?

Ok. I found one more piece related to this issue.
I just added conditional validation on this field to make it required.
And once again I am able to make what I want with the field but I am unable to do it with its label!
So I managed to make a field required when a user choose “Closed Won” in sales_stage ddl.
But somehow LBL_HIDEUNHIDE drives me crazy. I can not append red * to it.

Here is my code:

<?php require_once('include/MVC/View/views/view.edit.php'); class OpportunitiesViewEdit extends ViewEdit { public function __construct() { parent::ViewEdit(); } function display() { global $mod_strings; $jsscript = <<<EOQ EOQ; echo ''; parent::display(); echo $jsscript; } } ?>

OK. So I made a little work around and managed to toggle visibility of the label as well by hiding complete parents of the input field.
if (selectedValue == “Closed Won”){

However I’m still not sure what to do about adding a red star at the end of the label when dynamically making field required.
if(status == ‘Closed Won’){
$(’#LBL_HIDEUNHIDE’).html(’{$mod_strings[‘LBL_HIDEUNHIDE’]}: *’);
$(’#LBL_HIDEUNHIDE’).html(’{$mod_strings[‘LBL_HIDEUNHIDE’]}: ');

This doesn’t work since #LBL_HIDEUNHIDE cannot be referenced by id (id=""). Referencing by class I haven’t managed to make it work yet.

Any tips?

Ok. Traversing the DOM is not something I do very often as you could imagine.
Find a solution. A bit ugly but it works.

The way I reference label is like this:


So now I have a red * when condition is met:
if(status == ‘Closed Won’){
$(’#hideunhide_c’).parent().parent().children().first().html(’{$mod_strings[‘LBL_HIDEUNHIDE’]}: *’);
$(’#hideunhide_c’).parent().parent().children().first().html(’{$mod_strings[‘LBL_HIDEUNHIDE’]}: ');

Referencing like: .parent().parent().children().first() is hardly the best way to do it but it works.
Would like to here from someone how to do it in, let’s say, proper way!