Hide Select/Create button in subpanel

Hi, I have setup the SuiteCRM for my sales team, but I found that the Select button will always available if the data available for the Subpanel. I would like to know, is it possible to hide it so my other sales person wont see the data that not belong to thwm or non related invoice? I have Google for it, but seem don work for my site.

And my another question is: is it possible I can hide the data on the Filter list? Like list of employees and etc from the bottom?

Hopefully can get help from experts here. Thank you. :slight_smile:

You can comment array value for top_buttons in subpanel definition file.

subpanel definition look as like below.

$layout_defs[“Module name”][“subpanel_setup”]

Before customizing code, consider if you can achieve what you want by using the Security Groups to divide data between employees based on groups or on owning the record, etc.