Hide Select / Clear button

Hi Team, I have created a relationship between two custom created modules and when i try to access my sub module from the lead module i would like to display the relationship field without the select and clear button. Is there a way to hide these select and clear button ? If so can anyone share me the solution. I checked across the web but could not find a solution on how to hide these buttons. Attached is the snapshot for better understanding.

Also is there a way to make this field Read-only ?

You may like to use this plugin for easy hiding / cleaning…


Here is the option in case you want to do it manually:




Thanks for providing your inputs. But i am unable to hide these buttons. I followed same steps mentioned in the blog but could not succeed. Is there any additional changes to be done ?

Is hard to tell without checking your code. Make sure you added

           'displayParams' => array('hideButtons' => true),

To file editviewdefs.php as the sample on the post

You will need to run Quick Repair and Rebuild to see changes on page.