Hide Panel in EditView

Hello Everyone,

Anyone has any idea how to hide the panel depends on the value of radio field or dropdown field? Mine wasn`t working, this is what I want to achieve if you select the commercial radio field a certain panel will hide.

First I created a Custom.tpl in my Account Module. Check my codes below

    //Account Type
    var radioChange = "input[name='customer_classification_c']";
    YAHOO.util.Event.onDOMReady(function () {

        YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(YAHOO.util.Selector.query(radioChange), "change", function () {

        function disabledAccountType() {
            if ($('input[name="customer_classification_c"]:checked').val() == 'Commercial') {

            } else {


Additional: It is possible also to remove the require attribute of the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name if the whole panel is hidden. By the way in vardefs I set those three fields as required.

Didi you ever get this to work? I’m trying the exact same thing RN. Looking for answers too :wink:

Hi Yeah, I was able to hide this one.

//To hide
//To Show
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Thanks :+1:
Found this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJy8t-6Rzk0&ab_channel=suiteCRMv.7tutorials
it’s helping lots

Ow, that’s nice. I used another approach to hiding the panel. But it is good to hear that you were able to resolve your concern…

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