Hide "Members" option from Module Tree in Reports

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to hide some unecessary options we have in the Module Trees after selecting a Report Module in Reports. I realize that roles lets you hide most standard modules in that menu, but does not allow you to hide some such as “Members”, “Members Of”, “Assigned To User”, etc. Has anyone done this successfully or has an idea on where to start in terms of custom code to hide these from the Module Trees?

Those are not modules, they are relationships that you might want to use to pull data into the Report.

For example “member of” is because an account can be a member of another account. And “members” is the same thing, seen form the other side. The there are some relationships to the users’s module.

I don’t think there’s a way to hide that, but anyway it’s functionality; it’s there because it’s useful…

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Right, I definitely agree that they are helpful, but they are of no use to the group that I am currently working with and have been described as confusing to some members when trying to run their own reports. I wasn’t under the impression that they were extra modules, I apologize for giving off that impression, just looking to hide those options in the report menu; trying to make reporting as user friendly as possible for this specific group :wink: Thank you for the reply though, and if you can think of any way to go about it I’d be thankful! Currently scraping through the getModuleTreeData() function in /modules/AOW_Workflows/aow_utils.php to try and find something useful.