Hide List view but allow searches

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how I can hide the list of contacts and/or accounts and still allow searches?

My goal is to make it hard for employees to see a lot of information without having to search or click a lot of times.

Another option is to hide the email address field and client phone numbers from employees in the List View. I know I can hide the columns from the Column Chooser, but they can undo this change.

Also, is there a way to be notified of access to certain or all contact records? This way, if an employee starts to open a number of records, it would be a red flag to the admin.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Normally restrictions are done with Security Suite settings (users/roles/security groups). However this is used to define who-can-do-what-with-which-records, it doesn’t have any logic of “counting” accesses like you say you need.

You can hide columns in Studio, and make them unavailable, so users can’t add them in Column chooser.

To implement the exact thing you ask for, counting accesses per user, would require code customizations by a developer.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Much appreciated.

Hiding columns in Studio is a great start to achieving my goal.

Thanks again