Hide "Create Lead" button

Hello Developers,

I need to hide “Create Lead” buttons from every were based on “user role”.
Which files I need to edit for this?

Here is a Free plugin to clean your interfaces from unwanted things.


I tried to get the plugin but, after checking out there is no download link!


Did you logged in at store?


Oder details:

List of available downloads:
(but the plugin is not there)

Ok , sorry for confusion,I am going to review it now. Please wait for few hours to fix issue with your account.

Don’t worry, Thx!
And also thank you for these plugins!

[OFF-TOPIC: @amariussi thanks for all the spam reports! To save you some work: it’s quite enough to flag a single post per robotic user, I always ban them with an option saying “delete all posts”. So think of it more as “flagging spam users” instead of “flagging spam posts”].

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anything wrong with my post?

@ashish, not at all, I am not talking about you.

These forums don’t provide any way to send private messages, or to do @ mentions, so to reach amariussi I just posted on the last thread where he had posted, so he would get a notification email.

But it is off-topic here, sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile:

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All I can do to contribute I do!

Thanks for letting me know that one report per user is sufficient! I will follow this suggestion from now on.

Did that work for you?