Hidden subpanel


I created new relationship 1:N user:accounts therefore subpanel was created in user.
In users when i click on myself i can see the subpanel, but cant see that on other users (btw I’m System Administrator).


Hi, I think you are mixing up the modules “Users” and “Employees”:

  • Users is an entity for employees in a company that is allowed to login
  • Employees do not necessarily have a login in SuiteCRM

Both use the same data from the same table.

It seems that when you look into your own account, you are doing that throuth the module “Users” (for example when you look at your own profile)
You can check this by going into Admin / User Management and pick a user other than yourself and then see if the subpanel is visible

You can also create the relationship between the modules Employees and Accounts, but then it won’t be visible in Users.

If you want the subpanel to be visible in both, it would require some coding.