Hey Everyone,, I have just started using Suitecrm and need some advice.

Hey Everyone, I am using SuiteCRM to build a customer database, its an amazing piece of software, but I have tried to change something and I cannot work out how to do this.

I am hosting this on my own server, using xampp, server 2016.

I have changed the Contacts module to be called clients, and I would like the name of the client to be the item that displays at the top of the view, and to be the clickable link when looking through the list of clients, it is currently the name of the contact. Can i change this anywhere?

Please see the images, currently “Julie” is the header… However I want that to be the client, in this case “Dove Jeffery Homes”

This is a link to my onedrive folder containing the two images. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Atug3xFBRC1wgcYgOGw_-PyC883r_Q

You can’t change the header of the Detail view from Studio, it would require some code changes.

You can change which fields appear in the List View from Studio, have you tried it?


I see a couple of things in your screenshots that raise worries about your approach to customization.

  1. You should be using the out-of-the-box concepts more, you get a lot of nice features and functionality if you do that. Companies should really be Accounts in the Accounts module. See this article for some defense of this approach (never mind the complexities and edge cases, just try to grasp the generic approach): https://pgorod.github.io/Concepts-Accounts-Contacts/

  2. You shouldn’t be adding a ton of fields in panels. These fields will be hard to manipulate and relate, and will generally miss out on SuiteCRM functionality. If you’re trying to keep data about which devices your users have, consider the Products module, or some new custom module. But these things are lists, they should be appearing in subpanels.

I hope this helps.


Yes I have had a play around in studio and have worked out how to change which fields exist.

I appreciate your help, Accounts may be the best way to go, Ill give this a go today. I have seen all the modules, I was a bit overwhelmed by it all, I was unsure how to attach an entry from one module to a user on another module.

So far I have been trying to work it out myself, but I think I may need to watch some videos maybe. I will check the accounts module out now.