Help with setup of SuiteCRM for sales tracking

I started a new job where I am tracking my pipeline using a spreadsheet, and thought “there has to be an easier way”. My employer’s custom platform manages a lot of things about a customer already such as the customer themselves, the suppliers, etc. It isn’t very good at the pipeline management part, hence why I am using a spreadsheet, so I can keep my customers up to date. Recently, there has been an explosion of customers come my way, and the spreadsheet is no longer keeping up (as it is a very manual process, involving a lot of copy and paste between multiple tabs, etc)

I figure that I could use SuiteCRM to help me manage my pipeline, but do not need a fully blown CRM to manage customer data as my employer’s system already does this. All I really need is the following data input…

Contract ID (unique number, kind of like a customer number as per my employers system)
Customers Full name
State of Residence (in Australia we have multiple timezones and I have clients all over the country. Don’t want to call someone if they are in bed)
Type of Lease (New Car, Used Car, Re-Lease, Leaseback)
Sales Stage (In line with the categories work use)
Date of Initial Enquiry
Date of last contact and method (email, phone)
Date of estimated settlement (forecast date for success deal closure)
Comments (general open comments I can write about customer)

I would assume a system like SuiteCRM can handle something like this, but I just want to keep it simple, without all the “Contacts, Leads” to begin with.

Is this something easy to setup in SuiteCRM? If so, can someone point me in the right direction on how I can achieve this setup?

Getting this sorted now. Worked it out.


Can you explain your method (4 years later :smiley)