Help with setting paths for migration to 8.2

I’m having a hard time migrating to 8.2 because Section 2.4 of the migration instructions are unclear to me. I don’t understand what the site_url and rewriteBase should be.

Here is my setup:
My main apache server (//my-host/), directs to another machine that hosts the crm8 instance. This is done using using proxypass /crm8/.

The DocumentRoot for the virtualhost on the second machine is set to /var/www/crm8/public/.

i have set the site_url in legacy/config.php to http:/my-host/crm8/ and rewriteBase in .htaccess to /crm8/public

The upgrade scripts runs without error, but i get a black page at //my-host/crm8/ and the apache log says: -

script ‘/var/www/crm8/public/soap.php’ not found or unable to stat

Its driving me mad, can anyone help?

Try rebuilding the .htaccess from the repair and rebuild menu. It should default to something like /legacy/ which will allow for the correct pathing to occur.

In general, it seems like you have your setup done correctly, just need minor tweaks to that last bit of routing. As a general point to remember, there are two parts to SuiteCRM 8.

public/ - Being SuiteCRM 8 itself.
public/legacy/ - Being SuiteCRM 7 hiding.

SuiteCRM 7 runs “like normal” in the background, with parts picked by the new SuiteCRM 8 framework. Thought you should almost always be using a SuiteCRM 8 specific setup guide, command, etc… as its the designed to work with SuiteCRM 7 and not the other way around.

If your issues continue;
Did you upgrade from a SuiteCRM 7 instance and if so did you use the upgrader provided in the latest beta version? and Can you navigate to and see the detail view of a quote?

Thank you, but no luck unfortunately.

The migration script seems to change rewriteBase and then suggest i should set another value?

For example, if i set the ‘site_url’ to ‘’ and RewriteBase to ‘/legacy’ and then run script, it says :-

Please check RewriteBase in ‘public/legacy/.htaccess’ and update manually
Check SuiteCRM 8 Migration documentation for information on how to configure

  • Based on your site url ‘’.
  • The RewriteBase should be something like ‘/legacy’.

However if check .htaccess the script i can see the script has already changed it to /legacy/public/legacy
This is confusing, surely it’s a bug?

Anyway i tried leaving it as /legacy/public/legacy and the apache log still shows suite is looking for soap.php in the public folder.

Yes i upgraded from Suite7, but don’t think it was the beta version - i can see the detail view of a quote yes.