Help with Search


My use case is rather small, just a few of us using SuiteCRM to log customer interactions, notes on serialized inventory (incoming/repair/selling) and tracking/support notes afterwards. We’ve been using an old SugarCRM deployment for so long that it is no longer supported and too old to migrate the data to SuiteCRM.

I’m working through a test/dev box before a production roll out and would like some explanations on Search. Our platform is Ubuntu 22.04, PHP 7.4, SuiteCRM 7.13.1

On first build the search would only seem to work if the string was exactly the first word in the Case. I added the crontab so the Scheduler would work but the next search was the same results. I shorten the time on Lucene and AOD to 3mins, same result. I changed the default search to Basic+Advanced and this allowed me to find words inside of the Case (thumbs up for a forum search here to find solutions)

Some questions

  • is AOD only needed if we added PDF/ODT/TXT files?
  • is is possible to search for partial strings? for example an item’s real model number is A2286 but someone may refer to it as 2286 in the case, how can I search for all instances of 2286?
  • do I need a 1min cron on Lucene or am I just being impatient?

Also, we have a small setup. We’ll never need ElasticSearch, we have no custom modules. The fields (?) we do need to search are customer demographics + cases + history.

Is there a wildcard option in searching? I tried ‘*’ and ‘?’ with no luck.

The wildcard is configurable, but by default it’s the percent sign. You can also configure it to make the wildcard active by default.

See this old post for details: search function not very functional / modern