Help with scroll bar, only have it in fields during edit a record but not when viewing a record

Version 7.11.9
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I am having issues with text area fields, I can set the column and rows to look good, but when data exceeds that range it continues to expand making it hard to view the other fields. when you edit a record, you get the scroll bar and the area text area field looks good.

how do i make sure the fields stay the same width, say 6 rows and 70 columns in this example with a scroll bar when viewing the record

see attached images.

thank you in advance for anyone that can help with this

I would suggest add These two lines to your CSS File for the class " .detail-view-field "

height: 300px;
overflow: scroll;

Ok, i am looking for this class but i donĀ“t find, wich it is the rute?


  1. Base classes are there:
  2. Custom classes you can make for different subthemes here: