Help with fields on invoices using pdf creator


I would like to use the “note” field on the invoice form to contain a short note, such as a reference to a purchase order number from the client.

I cannot see to find the field when I use the pdf creator.

Where does the note field reside, and can I print it on the invoice?



All fields that you can use on the Invoice will be available in the ‘Insert Variable’ drop downs for the Invoice module, when creating a PDF Template.



Thanks for the very rapid reply.

I have looked in that tab and can see that the “note” field is not available.

When I click the tab in the editor and view the code I see that various database fields are accessed.

I am wondering where the “note” field is kept so that I can add it into the html code for the page.

The note seems to be stored somewhere, because it is visible appended to the end of the “description” field in a different colour when you view the AOS version of invoice.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.



Its the description field in the aos_products_quotes table. That table stores the line items for invoices and quotes but its not as simple as just adding it to the HTML code for the page.

I am assuming you are talking about the Note filed that sits under the product name in the LIne Items section.

Thanks for the extremely rapid reply. I really appreciate your help.

In the line items section I see the Description field beneath the Product name field. That description seems to come in from the product file automatically.

The Note field I am asking about is beneath the List price in the line items section.
When you create an invoice with a product you seem to see that field just sitting there empty. It is very inviting to write in it if you need to Note something.

I am not a power user, but today the client wanted me to make a note of her purchase order number on the invoice.
I thought I would use the Note field.

I just want to print that note field on the invoice form. I did not know how to do it.

Just to get the document out I created the invoice and edited the pdf in Word.

Please help.