Help with cURL stuff

So I need to retrieve the values of an API from an EntryPoint and display it in a Smart template. However there isn’t any mention of for cURL in the documentation(I need to use cURL). Any good places to learn cURL. Don’t have to learn the terminal stuff yet, just the stuff for php… TY

Hi @Zetsubou5990 , are you using the new v8 REST APIs or the old 4.1 ones ?

I am using the new v8 REST

Please see this: curl - How To Use

What are your goals?
Ie: to retrieve the list of Contacts related to an Account

First of all you have to setup the authentication.

Here are instructions: JSON API :: SuiteCRM Documentation
You have to Generate an SSH Key Pair
put those keys into /Api/V8/OAuth2
set permissions 600 on those keys

Then follow this guide about your CRM settings:

After that you can execute any cURL command you wish