Help with "Contact has changed in both Outlook and CRM. Check which one is correct."

Hi everyone

I’m using the most recent version (3.0.20) of store-bought plugin, but I don’t think the issue is related to the version. SuiteCRM version is 7.11.5 and Outlook version is 1906.

I’m trying to sync contacts to both directions, but I’m constantly bugged by error message stating that a specified contact has changed on both sides and asked to check which one is correct. With every error message I’ll get a new duplicate of the contact in question in my Outlook’s address book. On CRM side I see only one visible contact and checking for duplicates returns none.

I don’t find anything on this in the documentation, and the alert itself is not very informative. Deleting all but one from address book (on either side) does not resolve the issue, and I’m afraid that deleting one completely will result in a loss of records or at least relationships. How can I “check which one is correct” and get rid of the conflicts? Does anyone have an idea what is causing this?