Help with adding items to the Layouts EditView Toolbox section

First, I’d like to say THANK YOU GUYS for making SUITECRM as it is a life and time saver for me. I plan to support it as much as I can and thank you to the contributors who generously give their time to share their knowledge and help noobs like myself. I hope to be of service as such in the future to others as well.

How do I add an item to the Layouts > EditView
I currently have sd Service Desk and crts modules installed. I am finding that both sd and crts have some fields and layouts that I would love to have on one single layout but when I go to Studio > ServiceDesk > Layout > EditView, I do not see the option to add more items/options on the Toolbox section. It shows what’s available but I was hoping to figure out how to add more stuff to that area.

I have even searched for some type of developer guide that helps instruct on this but couldn’t find it . I am hoping someone here could assist me doing this.

I figured it out guys and gals. Thank you!

Please post your solution so it becomes available for others who wish to accomplish a similar thing.


My apologies.

You have to go to Studio > select the module you want to add items to the panel, e.g. >Cases>Fields> then add a new field with the proper title and type, etc. After you save it, go to Studio > Cases > Layout > EditView, you should see the new item on the left panel under Toolbox. You can then drag and drop it to the right panel.