Help with a Workflow please

Hi Guy’s

Im working with an Insurance Company who have really intergrated SuiteCRM within its systems.
I just need a little help if anyone can point me in the right direction…

On the main “Account” screen, each client has an “Insurance Renewal” date.
I would like a Workflow to update this field IF THE DATE is in the past.

For Example: If a date is 01/01/2017 I would like a workflow to adjust the date to the next “Actual” renewal date ie: 01/01/2020
The year would alter because 01/01/2017 is a past date
I hope this makes sense

Many thanks in advance for any pointers you may be able to offer.


I haven’t tried this on custom fields, but if the field is of type date, you should be able to set a condition on workflow, “Less than or equal to” “Now”, and then an action that sets a new date, either fixed date, or time from “now”. You may have to be creative, maybe you’d want some kind of custom fields that holds the dates you want. Or maybe you could use calculate field to achieve it.

Hi Helgebe,
Many thanks for your prompt response (really appreciated).
I actually set a condition to “Less than or Equal” to “Now” and if the truth be known it actually added a year to the renewal date.
The problem was that if the date was 2017 it increased it to 2018 (which is still in the past - if that makes sense).
On running again it would not increase the date to 2019

I hope that makes sense.
Thank you so much for your input - really appreciate it.

You could try set it to run on shedule if that is an option, or every time it is saved.

Again, thank you for your response.

My thinking is it needs to be Calculated Formula but Im unsure how to do that