Help to solve configuration problems in the suite

Hi. I would like the following advice to help me:

  1. How to make a text in the account name field always capitalize so that it can be saved in that way in the database.

  2. How to validate the NIT format of the client, since they are currently entering values such as 0000000

  3. How to validate that the NIT entered for the creation of an account is already created and do not allow duplicate creation through a warning, not like the one that appears by default when you want to create an account with the same NIT.

  4. How to validate the calendar, since at the time of scheduling appointments it does not remain on the day it is selected, it takes the next or the previous one and when it resumes the agenda, it disrupts the aging.

Most of the items on your list can be solved with Workflow:

hello the truth I do not understand how to use this that indicates to me to be able to validate that an account already exists, taking into account the NIT of the company. Please, if you can give me a more detailed example of how to do this validation for point 2 since I can not understand how to get a message saying that the account already exists and do not let anything, just modify the NIT

For validations you will need to use a bit of Javascript. Are you a developer? Or can you get one?

Hi. I´m not developer totally, but i know thigs. I need help you about it.

These are examples of different validation techniques:

Field validation with simple callback from vardefs:

Example of Injecting code into Edit view for validation