Help to Integrate WhatsApp into SuiteCRM - local development

Hello everyone,

I am seeking guidance and support to integrate WhatsApp with SuiteCRM in a development environment. My goal is to develop this integration without relying on third-party services, commercial licenses, or paid subscriptions. I prefer a solution that I can fully implement and customize on my own.

Project Context and Details:

  1. Project Objective:
  • Develop an integration between WhatsApp and SuiteCRM that allows me to send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from the SuiteCRM interface.
  1. Requirements for the Development:
  • Knowledge of WhatsApp APIs.
  • Tools and libraries needed for the implementation.
  • Methodology for creating and configuring the corresponding modules in SuiteCRM.
  • Configuration of workflows to automate message sending.
  • Code examples or scripts that can serve as references.
  1. Requested Step-by-Step Guide:
  • Initial Preparations: How to prepare the local development environment for SuiteCRM and WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp API Implementation: How to set up and use the WhatsApp API for sending and receiving messages.
  • Integration into SuiteCRM: How to create custom modules in SuiteCRM that communicate with the WhatsApp API.
  • Workflow Configuration: How to set up workflows to automate message sending based on specific events within SuiteCRM.
  • Testing and Validation: How to perform tests to ensure the integration works correctly.

Any help, detailed guides, code examples, or recommendations for additional resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any support or advice you can provide.

There are addons available on the SuiteCRM store.

Thank you rsp, yes, I know there are plugins developed by others as you mentioned, but as I stated in my inquiry, I would like to develop my own so I can have more control over it.

Step by step guide to setup a local development environment to send messages thru WhatsApp Business API, with PHP code example:

You must also make the SuiteCRM custom module, user interface, workflows, and tests.

Full code example with message templates, including a web user interface: