Help Text in Studio - View by all Users

Hello Community :slight_smile:

We have been working with a number of clients and we have created a quick, free plugin that changes the “Help Text” field found in studio

Currently in SuiteCRM, you can add help text into the field but it only appears when an admin user is logged in.

With this plugin it changes this to allow it to be viewed by ALL users regardless of admin or role etc.

Hope this helps other users out there :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tips. We are also having the same issue to update help text for all users. Is your plugin still available? The link no longer work.

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Hi Kyawtun
Thank you for notifying us of this :slight_smile:

We have recently updated our website and some URL paths were changed!

The new URL link

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Good work @TaufiqueAhmed if you could add it to the LABS of store, it would be available to everyone. Labs offer free plugins.

Hi Cherub-chum
Thank you :slight_smile:
This is great we had not heard of LABS of store!

We will submit it asap :slight_smile: and more to come!

Thanks again

Instead of a free plugin, why not make it a PR into core? Shouldn’t this simply be a SuiteCRM feature?


The core may need a more flexible update that allows the admin user to decide if the help text is to be seen by admin or regular users?

By default it is admin only and this update locks the view to all users

Hi everyone

this module makes a small edit in the custom/modules/Users/UserViewHelper.php file
it has been a while since this was made and I can’t figure out what line was changed.

Taufique tried to upload the plugin to the store but this didn’t work as the plugin would modify core files (in the custom folder)

I personally would argue that help text is not helpful for admins as they would be the least likely to need help understanding what a field is for and if they really need a place to put information on a field but not give access to this information to normal users then use the description value for the field in studio

I believe the original functionality of the Help text was to show to everybody, all kinds of users, and that anything less than that is a bug.