Help support and turn around time

Hi Guys

I am looking to find a CRM that will work for us.
I have used sugar in the past installed on our own server.

We have now grown that we need to find a hosted solution with support that will work for us. Is SuiteCRM the right product?

I have tried the demo but you cannot login it tells me session is expired.
I have made an enquiry two days ago from the suite website but have only had an automated email back and no follow up.
The Suite CRM facebook contact page links to a 404 page on the website

Is suite a realistic option? are you guys getting service and help you require?

I am going to need a really good experience ad support from provider so any advice would help before we commit.

Thanks in advance

Hi Paul!

Thank you for contacting us! With the recent release we’ve received many enquiries, so there is some delay in handling all :slight_smile: I’ll reply to your enquiry by email.

By the way, thank you for letting us know about the 404 from that facebook link. WIll fix that!