HELP - suiteCRM don't work anymore on my iMAC

I work with a iMac and install the DMG file with no problems. I work with suiteCRM perfect for 1 day. After I shut down my Mac and restart it next day, suiteCRM give me a error message:

“The Website is not availeble
The local url is installed as standard: “

Waht is wrong and what can I do so that I can work with again?

Tanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hello J,

Are permissions set correctly and have you run a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair?

Best Regards

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Is apache started on the imac ?

Sounds like the service needs to be started.


Thats not possible, because I can’t start suiteCRM. I don’t know an other way to do this - I’m user, not technician :slight_smile:

But Thanks again

The only other way of doing this that I can think of would be

  1. Disable the Crontab on the server.
  2. Access the database.
  3. remove access to the internet.

It depends on what you mean by cant start SuiteCRM, is the server off ?, apache service off ? all services off ?


Hi Ian
Mhhhh, apache startet? I don’t know. maybe its possible to set up a team viewer session and have a look on my environment? i have skype juerg.hirsbrunner

:slight_smile: J.

I’ve installed suiteCRM on my iMac - not a server, only my desktop PC/Mac. I download a dmg file from bitnami

They don’t start when I type the url - see first message

There could be a application to start this.

bottom line here it sounds like the apache service which SuiteCRM runs on has not started when the computer has booted up. once you have that started it will all should work as expected. I would expect a shortcut or application to have been installed somewhere to allow you to start these services.

might be worth looking at bitnami to see I assume they will have information on this


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