Hi, I need help. one day our company decided to change crm from “sugar” to 'suit". We hired developers. they installed version 7.7.6 for us. then we got trubles: a lot of time for leads loading,a lot of time for opening tabs in browsers etc.

Firstly, we asked the developers, where is a problem. The answer was that we have a bad server, but our server is powerful. then they begun to answer that our computers have a low capacity.

With CRM 15 persons work, i am not developer. Could you give me peace of advice to optimize CRM?

We can try to help but you need to be more specific, tell us at least some of your server’s specs, and the approximate amount of data you work with.

Also, quantify the delays (1 sec? 10 secs? 100 secs?). Does every screen take a long time, or only specific screens / modules / actions?

In the end, this is always going to be a technical discussion, it would be good to have technical people working on this… you will probably need to look into your database, and perhaps try an upgrade…

The first things to check in terms of your hosting environment is:

PHP versions (at least 5.6, but 7 will be way faster)
At least 128mb of memory allocated to the installation (256 is better)

Those two things will be the biggest speed inhibitors

Then you can start looking at your MySQL version, make sure it’s current.

On like the cheapest Godaddy hosting that uses PHP 7, leads, contacts, etc. literally load in the blink of an eye. So there is something else going on here.