Help Please - White Screen After Fresh Install - Doing Repair

I am trying to get a decent install up and running.

I installed suitecrm7.1.1. Then changed the permissions. I immediate did a repair and am getting a white screen. I don’t know if the repair is working or not.

I am under the gun to get this up and running.

Can anyone help?

Hi Dale,

What permissions have you set? What is your Server/MySQL/PHP setup?



I have permission set as: 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

Linux (shared hosting with HostGator)
PHP Version 5.3.28
MySql Server version: 5.5.33-31.1
MySQL client version: 5.0.96

Sorry for all the topics on this Will. Originally I did an upgrade. But because of the issues I did a fresh install.

PS - Current issues.

White screen when doing a repair.

Unable to click “save” on multiple modules.
Receiving “Warning! SecuritySuite no longer matches the version of Sugar that you are running. SecuritySuite will not work correctly until updated to 6.5.16. Upgrade now to SecuritySuite for 6.5.16” error.

Unable to click on Dashlets etc.

Further note:
When I click on “add dashlets” I get “ReferenceError: SUGAR is not defined” in Firebug.
When hovering mouse over any of the dashlets I get “ReferenceError: closeMenus is not defined”

This issue is resolved. I am not sure what was the issue but I moved to a new host and without one single error or issue I am up and running again! Well. Now I have to move over my old data.

My new host for those having issues is