Help on kreporter

We have subscribed “SuiteCRM on-demand” service:

  • Can someone tell me the link where I can download the KReporter module?

  • I need some guidance on the steps to need to successfully install KReporter (what steps are needed, versions, etc.). I noticed that there were many issues reported but I didn’t find clear information on how to make a clean successful installation.

Thanks in advance,

Hey there,

Have you been able to find answers to your questions?

I’ve had a bit of an investigation and come across the following:

It looks as though the KReporter plugin, by itself, is no longer being actively developed/supported.

As far as I’ve come to understand, it was previously hosted on SugarCRM’s SugarForge
(which appears to no longer exist)

They then hosted it themselves, at both and Downloads - SpiceCRM
(Again, neither of these appear to host KReporter currently)

So, as far as I can tell, there is no official channel for downloading the KReporter Plugin

Instead, the developers have moved onto creating their own CRM (SpiceCRM), that includes KReporter elements.

I’ve noticed some Forum users on our end discussing this too:

Also, on this, Ashley has recently detailed that the KReporter functionality would conflict with Current SuiteCRM functionality:

So, in that sense, there appears to be no official support for SuiteCRM/KReporter

Unfortunately, I imagine this is likely not what you wanted to hear :slightly_frowning_face:

However, if someone comes across this post with a copy of the Old KReporter Plugins, please feel free to share!
(Granted, from Ashley’s post, it seems like changes will need to be made to the CRM itself to support KReporter functionality)

(Also, if anyone comes across any information that I might have missed/misinterpreted, please let me know)

However, if you have any general Reporting issues/enquiries, please feel free to raise a post on the Forums
Or, as you are subscribed to the SuiteCRM On-Demand service, you could raise a support ticket


Hi John,

Thank you very much for your attention.
I am choosing to do simple and straightforward reporting in SuiteCRM.
However, we want to move towards more complex reports using the Power BI that we have already been using.

Thanks again,