Help needed to transfer to another PC

I need some help as I am not an expert on MySQl or CRM
I have a working SuiteCRM 7.01 on an old Windows XP PRO computer. I have some custom fields and PDF configs.
For this old PC I used Apache 2.2 and PHP5.3 installed manually. Also used MYSQL and somehow using MYSQL Workbench managed to get everything working.

We have a new Windows 7 PRO computer to use as the old system is painfully slow. On this new one i could not get Apache2.2 and PHP to work, so i tried using XAMMP and it has installed successfully, meaning that the web server is working (I see the XAMMP screen when browsing to the PC over the network). Also PHP is working and PHPINFO gives me the correct output.

I have made a backup of the Suite CRM files from the Admin screens and I have used MYSQL Workbench to do a Database dump to a file.

So my question is, How do I transfer all of this to the new computer. I see XAMMP doesn’t use MYSQL Workbench so I don’t know how to Import the database and also the latest download from Suite CRM is 7.02.

If anyone can help with the recommended steps it would be appreciated.

Hi there,

Can you use something like Google Drive/Dropbox to transfer the files over?

Your XAMPP installation should come with phpmyadmin.