Help Needed -- Inbox No Emails Displayed

[size=4]Dear SuiteCRM Community,

I just setup the incoming and outgoing email acct with gmail, but have issue on pulling inbound email messages

I can compose a message from suiteCRM to outside email account. However, I cannot get message into inbox of suiteCRM, either old or new emails. I also checked scheduler, change the update frequency to 5 min, and turn off other jobs. Is there anything I need to do?

Thank you very much.

Hello my friend. I installed SuiteCRM 2 days ago and I havetried all kinds of things but I still cannot see the inbound emails inside Email module… I can see the Sent out emails… but nothing on the INBOX.

I cannot get gmail to test it either… so I am using my email… which works fine for outbound…

ANY HELP PLEASE ? How did you solve it?


Hello derek402,

One of the possible reasons is that IMAP is not enabled for PHP-CLI despite being enabled for PHP. Cronjobs are based on PHP-CLI which may not have the same configuration as PHP.

I suggest you try the following:

  • cd /etc/php5/cli
  • sudo gedit php.ini
  • add in the statement: extension = “”
  • close your editor

Please, let us know if the proposed fix is of any help to you.

Hello my friend.

Thank you so much for your quick response… but I am not a programmer, can you please explain a little more detail on how and where I can find this file: php.ini ?

I installed this SuiteCRM in my hosting company and i looked thru all or most of the files in that folder and I cannot find this PHP.ini anywhere.

The installation of the suitecrm is done almost automatically and I dont know if I would have access to the linux installation files, since this is a shared hosted server?

Here are the list of my folder of my

I may not have access to the real Linux server…

Any suggestions please ? I still cannot see in email on my INBOX inside SuiteCRM.

Why would the SuiteCRM require to have to change a file in Linux in order to receive emails ? That is strange.

See below the images of my Folders and my email settings inside SuiteCRM.

*** The Outbound emails is wokring fine. it pass the test and the emails shows fine on the Sent email folder.
*** The inbound email pass the test, but no emails is shown on the folder inside the email screen.

Thank you

Hello melo2006 ,

You can ask your host to enable the IMAP in PHP-CLI. I am not sure about the specific options that GoDaddy has.

This issue will not relate to SuiteCRM only, but to any application which uses IMAP and cronjobs. These applications will require for IMAP extension to be enabled in php.ini file which sits in the cli folder.

Hope this helps.

For some reason it does not look like I have an /etc/php directory. I have php.d and php-zts.d

Does this sound right?