*Help* Installing Suitecrm on NAS drive

Hi everyone, I’m installing suitecrm onto my nas drive and im running into an error during my installation. In the database configuration page after filling up my data, I get the error of:

“The provided database host, username, and/or password is invalid, and a connection to the database could not be established. Please enter a valid host, username and password”

attached is a photo of the error.

note: I had my email in the space but i took it out for the photo

My setup is currently:

Nas: synology DCM 6.2
Suitecrm 7.11.12
mariadb 10
php 5.6 , 7.0

Thanks in advance for the help.

Maybe it’s the port? See this, and the Github issues linked there:

Hi there,
I changed the port number to my mariadb10 port number but I still get the error.:frowning:

Here of some screenshots of what I changed.

If you can, use the default port, and hen ommit the port in the Setup Wizard, write just the IP address

I omitted the the port number but still getting the same error.

It’s time to check your logs

Check your php.ini to know where your PHP errors log is.

any advice on where to find it? I’m a noob.

Hi there once again. I was able to install using the for the host name.
I’m a little confused as to why this worked. Being a local address can other users on the network connect to this address??

that’s the hostname of your database, as long as SuiteCRM can reference that correctly, it will work.

A different thing is your SuiteCRM host name, or how it is accessible in the network to others.

Just tested with other users within the network and it works just fine. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: