[HELP] Global Search Bar Issue

Hi guys,

Stumbled across SuiteCRM recently, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s suitable for my real estate agency.

Here’s an issue I’m currently having.

I created a contact and when I searched for said contact using the global search bar, it didnt return any result. However, using the standard search worked.

Can’t help but feel I’m doing something wrong but I dont know what.

Would appreciate some form of assistance.


You need to ensure that the scheduler is running for Advanced OpenDiscovery. Alternatively to use the standard search as default you can disable AOD search under the admin panel and AOD settings.

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Thanks Simeon, I really appreciate.

I went to the AOD option under admin but there’s no scheduling option. Where do I find this?

Hi, in Admin - > Schedulers. You will need to set up the crontab. It will give you a line at the bottom of the scheduler page to do this.

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Just incase - if you are running on cPanel you may need to edit the crontab a little, use php-cli instead of cd at the start.

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Thanks for the help guys, maybe I’m thick but I just can’t get this to work. Might also be cos I’m on a shared hosting. Thanks all the same guys, would stick with standard search for now. You guys are the best