Help for workflow implementation and question about the calculation fields

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to implement the following workflow without coding. If coding is needed, I would appreciate some examples to pass them to our developers (I have no coding skills myself, I do admin stuff that can mostly be done through the GUI).

So, we have a list of services (entered as products). The Products module has pretty much the standard module fields with the addition of a “renewal product” field. That is, when a customer renews his contract, the product on the new contract is going to be the renewal product. This can be the same with the product in the existing contract or a different one.

Now, the need is, based on some conditions, when the current contract for a customer is about to expire, the crm to automatically generate a new one. That I can do and I can polulate the standard fields in the new contract entry, such as the “Account”, “Start Date”, “End Date”, signed dates etc, all these. What I haven’t managed to do is to add product lines to the contract. Essentially I would like an one to one transfer of the groups of the existing contract to the new one where the new products would be the renewal product for each product in the previous contract.

In case instead of Contracts, we opt for Quotes to be created, I suppose the logic behind will be the same, won’t it?

Finally, how can the calculation fields in the Quote, Invoices and Contracts modules can be modified? I mean fields like the “Total”, “Discount”, “Subtotal”, “Shipping”. I can see (most of) them in the Studio but the formulas used for the calculations aren’t there. I need to modify these formulas as well as to create some new fields and I want the outcome of the calculations in the new fields to be added and taken into account for the calculation outcome of the “Subtotal”, “Total” and “Grand Total Fields”.

Thank you very much in advance for everyone that will spend some time to help, I understand that this is mostly a developer’s forum.