Help for setting up campaigns with Custom Module

I am trying to configure the Campaigns/Target Lists modules so that Campaigns could be sent also for a Custom Module.

To do so I followed the instructions that I found in the following post:

The instructions are pretty straightforward and almost complete. Unfortunately there is just a little bit missing!

I understand that the only part that is missing is:
a. correct one or two small errors in the article (maybe there aren’t)
b. add a many-to-many relationship between Emails and the custom module (this is what I found googling around).

Could anyone help to finalise this?
I think it would be of extreme help to every body in the SuiteCRM community!!!



Is there anyone who can help on this?


hello I have the same your problem.
maybe you have solved?
You might consider adding this feature in a new version of suitecrm.
thank you

I am working on a script that generates all the necessary files.
Unfortunately It is not working yet but I have to finalise it within two weeks.
It won’t be integrated with SuiteCRM (the developers are welcome to use it) but easy to use.

Once done I will post

hello amariussi you solved?

I am sorry but my step father passed away last week after being very ill. My mind has been elsewhere in the past few weeks.

I have developed a smalla pllication to do it but I still have to test it. Please be patient for few days (hoping it works correctly).


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