Help editing fields in Popup

Hello, I need some help with this, I want to change/add fields in the blue selected part of the image.

[Opportunities]->Create->Select Account (opens a popup)->Create New Account

I already tried adding fields to module/[name]/FormBase.php but it didn’t work (readed it elsewhere in this forum)
Also tried editing custom/module/[name]/meta…/ …defs.php

I know I must be doing it in the wrong file so please just tell me what file should I edit.

Thanks in advance

You can edit this in Admin -> Studio -> Accounts -> Layouts -> Quick Create.



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This is so weird, that was the first thing I did but it didn’t work so I was trying to do it by editing files…

Now I edited it again and it worked with English Language instead of Spanish (for testing purposes changed it again to Spanish to edit the layout and worked too)

Thanks Will,

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