Help Cron Jobs not running

Hi I have installed Suite crm on a hosted platform with PHP 7.2 and everything is running fine aprt fro the cron jobs I cannot get them to run when the try to run I am getting the error Undefined index: show_all in G:\htdocs\modules\Schedulers\views\view.list.php on line 51 I have popped a clip with line 51 on it. It is driving me crazy. I am checking back with the schedulers tab on suite crm and none of the task have ever run yet.

class SchedulersViewList extends ViewList
public function display()
(Line 51) if (!($this->options[‘show_all’] === false)) {

I have updated to 7.11.19 and now have got rid of the errors but still no scheduled tasks running cron job is on my server and running as it must have been before to pull the error. Must be missing something but gone through the documentation.

how did you configure the cron.php execution? Is the user who is calling that file also added to your config.php?

Hi, this a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup Cron Job in SuiteCRM, hope this helps.

@Kate_1 thanks for the tutorial, but why would a person want to edit the code and have an external server calling their cron jobs, instead of simply setting up the crontab on his own server?