Help changing duration field from hours to days

Hello :grinning:, I´m new to SuiteCRM, and I want to start tweaking it a bit.

I have a travel agency, and I´ve changed the “calls” module to “trips” module, to keep a log of my customers travel. The thing is that for the required field “duration”, I need to change it to days, instead of hours. Can you please help me?

I´m using SuiteCRM 8.6.0 hosted on a shared server with no admin right but access to file administration of my own files (CRM Folder)

Many thanks!

I suggest to clone the “Calls” module, and rename the cloned copy “Trips”. You’ll avoid unintended side effects and problems later. Then, you can add fields, hide fields, modify fields, etc.

Many Thanks @chris001! I will do that