HELP!!!! AOW_Workflow - condition any change or create/modify record action

not workfolw work as above subject

Hi Gopal,

You need to describe the problem fully. What were you trying to do? What happened? What version of SuiteCRM. What platform is it running on… with screenshots too if they would add something.



Dear Bruce,

I want to set workflow for product. whenever change the price mail goes to respective person
please see attach ment

i am running suite crm7.1.1 (latest updated)

Is the workflow status “Active”?
Does the job run? ie: Have you set up the cron job or windows task scheduler to run cron.php correctly?
If it does, what is in your sugarcrm.log?

You may need to follow the progress of this thread too.

if i changed the workflow just like grater than and vale like XXX it’s works , also for testing i am manual cron run

any body help !!!

Hi Gopal,

You are right. The “Any_Change” feature does not work for me either.

You can raise a bug report and hopefully one of the developers will answer you.



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can you please help me to create a cron.php for send email via work? I am new in code and suitecrm.
It’s urgent.