Help adding "create new contract"

From the accounts module I added a related-to field for Contracts. I click on this filed and I get the popup search window but I cant create a contract from the popup, all I can do is search . I done this before with the Contacts module but the Contacts module has ContactFormBase.php where as the Contracts does not have a ContractFormBase.php. I tried copying the AccountsFormBase.php into the Contratcs modules and renaming some code but it does not work right.Is there another way of doing this without creating a ContractFormBase.php. If not how do I go about creating this ContactFormBase.php. I searched the sugarcrm forums also and there is no one showing how to create ContactFormBase.php just people saying that you need it. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Jay,

Doesn’t look like any AOS modules currently have the form base files. We will look into the ability to create AOS records like this.