Hello Everyone need help for email inbound

Please suggest if we can add multiple email ids in email inbound section.
Actually we want to map multiple support ids for our multiple products in SuiteCRM.
So that recieved emails on that ids will be created as cases in Support module.

Hey there,

I’m not sure if you can add multiple Email inboxes per one Inbound Email Record

However, you should be able to add multiple Inbound Email records, and each one should be able to Import Cases individually:

You would then be able to further sort/assign the Cases by using the “Distribution Method” value on the Inbound Record itself:

Thanks John for your help.
Can you please help me to get my lost my admin password for SuiteCRM is there anyway to reset it?
For your information i dont have Database access as well.

Hey there,

Are you still having issue with this?

I think it will be much more difficult to reset the password without Database access, I can’t think of many ways to change it without CRM / DB access.

Do you know if any other users have access to the CRM?

If they are admin-type users, they could reset your password from within the CRM

Otherwise, I found this thread: Forgotten admin password

In which amariussi describes resetting the password via creating a PHP script

Are you able to reset through this method?