Heirarchical Product Category View in SugarCRM can it be replicated in SuiteCRM 7.2


I am moving from Sugar Professional 6.5.2 to SuiteCRM 7.2, and so far I really prefer SuiteCRM 7.2 except for one item.

In Sugar when adding Products to a Quote you get a Popup View which contains 3 “Panels” - Search, List, and a Heirarchical categories view that allows you to move through your categories to easily find the correct product.

See attached screenshot.

Is this possible to replicate in SuiteCRM?

Currently this view is not standard functionality in SuiteCRM and would require custom coding to achieve.

Hi DCPaus,

If you want developer help you can contact me via my contact form on my website.

Alpesh Savaliya

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Great result - many thanks

have you succeeded ? I have the same problem

Thank you

Yes. Alpesh at Simbasys see a few posts up wrote a custom module for me. Give him a PM and he can assist you

Hi Alpesh

A few years ago you wrote some custom code for me and I recently had a server crash which I had not properly backed up.

Would you be able to send it to me again?