Heart internet use of hyphens in database name causing install failure


Trying to install SuiteCRM and my hosting “Heart Internet” prefix’s the database name “cl24-suitecrm7”

The error message

Database name cannot begin with a number, ‘#’, or ‘@’ and cannot contain a space, ‘"’, “’”, ‘*’, ‘/’, ‘’, ‘?’, ‘:’, ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘&’, ‘!’, or ‘-’

Any ideas ?



Try tunring off JavaScript in your browser for that part of the install. You can put any database name you like in the config.php file so I am assuming this is just stupid sugarcrm validation rules.

Failing that install it on a local machine then just copy over the database via phpmyadmin to heart then copy over all the files and alter the config.php to point to the database on heart internet.

If I were you, I would try to get your provider to change that. In my experience, using special characters in things like DB names, DNS names, security groups, etc always leads to problems down the road. You don’t want to “work around it” now only to find you’re having issues down the road - after you’ve already gone live.

I have the same issue here. Disabling Javascript didn’t help. I clicked Next and it didn’t move anywhere.
Asking Heart Internet to change the policy because of one bit of software in a complete waste of time.
I’ve tried in the past with other things and the reply is “use a VPS/dedicated server instead of shared hosting to have that control”.

just open the file CheckDBSettings.php from the install directory and look for:

// Bug 29855 - Check to see if given db name is valid
if (preg_match"[color=#ff0000]!["’*/\?:<>]+!i[/color]", $_SESSION[‘setup_db_database_name’]) ) {
$errors[‘ERR_DB_MSSQL_DB_NAME’] = $mod_strings[‘ERR_DB_MSSQL_DB_NAME_INVALID’];
installLog(“ERROR:: {$errors[‘ERR_DB_MSSQL_DB_NAME’]}”);

then delete the hyphen [color=#ff0000]-[/color] from the highlighted area in red above

this worked for me on heartinternet

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Hi kristiano,
I had the same problem trying to create the database on a Heart server.
Your fix worked for me too, very many thanks.

There’s really no reason to prevent the use of - so I’ve added an issue onto the SuiteCRM GitHub page:


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