Header Drop Down Menus Blank after Upgrade to 7.1.1 in IE 9

Hi first of all I would like to congratulate you guys on a lovely product. We have been testing your product for the last 3 weeks and are loving it.

We seem to have run into a problem with Internet Explorer 9 and the new version 7.1.1. The menus are just appearing blank. There is currently an in-house ordering system running which is not supported in any versions higher then IE 9.

Is there a way that we can fix this problem without having to upgrade all the browsers to IE 10.

The only solution i found is to edit each users profile and turn off the “Module Menu Filters” (Advanced tab, layout options) which will then put all items in the top menu as in version 7.1

Hi dgreene

I managed to fix my problem by changing the position from fixed to float in the style.css

Mine was located at line 4163 (suitecrm/themes/Suite7/css/style.css)

#header {
position:float; (is set to fixed after upgrade installation)

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