Having trouble with install

I downloaded the version suitecrm-7.2.2-max . I am planning on supporting a market place activity like an auction website, very much similar to ebay, and the purpose of the CRM is to document and refine the marketing activities during launch and in maturity phase of my market place. I thought “max” is maximum functionality …

Question 1:
Is “-max” the best suited product, or should I use the “sale” version of suite CRM?

Question 2:
I unzipped and copied files to server in a designated directory. The suitecrm-7.2.2-max folder does not contain an “install.php” file. There are several similarly named files, like /suitecrm-7.2.2-max/install/suite_install/suite_install.php . When I copy this URL into the URL field of a browser, I get error messages, file not found. What do you recommend, please?

[quote]Question 1:
Is “-max” the best suited product, or should I use the “sale” version of suite CRM?

Sales is the same as Max but some modules are hidden to streamline the CRM. I’d personally go with Max, you can then customise this if required.

SuiteCRM will redirect to the installation process. You should be able to just go to the SuiteCRM URL and it will redirect to the installation.

I.e if you’ve copied to a SuiteCRM folder in the web root of example.com you can go to example.com/SuiteCRM/.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks, Jim. Tried. ad.2 - Doesn’t do it. Trying to attach screenshot.

I would check the permissions of the SuiteCRM folder to make sure it’s accessible. What do you see in your browser when you try to access SuiteCRM?

Do you have a webserver (such as apache) set up? If so what happens if you create a simple index.php file in your web root with the following inside it:



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Hi Jim or anybody else. Would somebody please install it on my behalf? I will give user access to the CRM directory and provide a waiver of liability.

I got the installation done with the kind help of a friend. Thanks again, looking forward to using suiteCRM.