Having to Reset Password Everyday

I have one user who finds that their password is not working everyday day or two. I keep re-setting it to the same password, so I know there is no typing issue, as they are both typing it and copying/pasting it. I’ve updated the password 3 times this week. It works immediately afterward, and then stops a day or so later. (I’ve confirmed the issue on my end, so it is not user error.) Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?

Do you happen to have fail2ban configured on your server?

I am not familiar with this, but will look into it. Is this a setting within the CRM Admin Portal?

No, that would be something that is installed in Linux server. The purpose is to block people on the Internet trying to access your server and trying passwords. The only reason I mention it is because it has that sort of behaviour: people get locked out after a number of failed password attempts, and this takes effect for a certain period of time.