Having Error in These Files

Strict standards: Declaration of SugarFieldTime::save() should be compatible with SugarFieldBase::save(&$bean, $params, $field, $properties, $prefix = ‘’) in C:\wamp\www\ArcusCRMDemo\include\SugarFields\Fields\Time\SugarFieldTime.php on line 95


public function save(&$bean, $params, $field, $properties, $prefix = ‘’)
if (isset($params[$prefix . $field])) {
if (isset($properties) && isset($properties) && $this->isTrimmable($properties)) {
$bean->$field = trim($this->unformatField($params[$prefix . $field], $properties));
} else {
$bean->$field = $this->unformatField($params[$prefix . $field], $properties);


public function save(&$bean, &$inputData, &$field, &$def, $prefix = ‘’) {
global $timedate;
if ( !isset($inputData[$prefix.$field]) ) {
$bean->$field = ‘’;

$bean->$field = $timedate->to_db_time($inputData[$prefix.$field], false);

What is your version of PHP?

Often these errors don’t mean anything (unless they are FATAL).

You can tell PHP not to do error_reporting on screen by a setting in php.ini.

how to do error_reporting in php.ini


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