Have "Opportunity Amount" display the "Grand Total" value from a quote

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Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? I am looking to have the Opportunity Amount field within the primary portion of the opportunity form display whatever the Grand Total is for the most recent Quote (or ALL quotes) attached to that opportunity.  In Saleforce, these field calculates based on the grand total of the quotes/invoices attached to the opportunity.  I am brand new (getting less new haha) to SuiteCRM so any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Did you ever find a solution? I have the same question.

you will need to create an after_retrieve logic hook so you can populate the filed grabbing information from quotes


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I am also facing similar question on how to update opportunity amount with grand total value. I tried using workflow module with calculate field. I created a new field in opportunity name opportunity updated amount and able to add same field in parameters also but i am not able to add grand total in parameters dropdown to perform a calculation.

Can somebody list down the steps if possible.

I did some research that there is no need to create a hook and you can achieve same task via creation of workflow,

Select Worflow Module as Quote
Checkbox on repeated runs as it will ensure that everytime quote is modified the values are updated in opportunity amount

Condition if you like to put any else
Action: Modify Record
Record type: Opportunities
Opportunity Amount -> Field -> Grand Total

It will work.

Hi @popatrajkumar,
What would the work around be if you only have field drop down options: Amount, Latitude, Longitude and Opportunity Amount?
ie, no Grand Total?

Hey @LindsayAB,

Those field options sound like they’re coming from the Opportunities Module

The values shown in the Workflow Actions->Create/Modify Record are taken from the selected Workflow Module

Do you, by chance, have “Opportunities” selected for “Workflow Module”?

If you select "Quotes", you should have access to all the Quotes fields:

And you should then be able to build the Workflow as @popatrajkumar described