Has anyone used SuiteCRM for a nonprofit?


I’m interested to know if anyone has used SuiteCRM for a nonprofit church or any nonprofit? If so, how did you manage membership levels and donations within the CRM? I really like what SuiteCRM has out of the box, but I have not read anywhere what it would take to make it compatible for nonprofits.

Thank you for your time; any information regarding this would be most appreciated!

Rename the Quotes Module to Donations, use service lines.

This allows you to manage donations for accounts/contacts, create pdf templates/exports of these values and report on them.

I am a PHP programmer by trade and learning SuiteCRM for a clients use. Can you give a more descriptive process to rename Quotes Module to Donations, use service lines? I am sure I can rename a module but use service lines means what? Use something in the settings?


Will just means that in the Quotes/Donations module you can add individual lines for the donations. You can do this when editing a quote by clicking “Add Group” then “Add Service Line”.